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The Oak Townsend Staircase

On this page you can see some images of a recent staircase we have produced to a higher specification than our normal openplan staircases in Oak.

These are a number of features that have been enhanced on this staircase.

Oak Staircases from Stairplan


Timber - American White Oak

Strings - 40mm
Treads - 40mm
Riser downstands - 40mm
Handrail - 63 x 100mm
Newel Posts - 150 x 150mm

On this staircase the riser downstands have been set flush to the front edge of the treads to give the treads the appearance of being around 90mm thick. Also all the edge radiuses used are far smaller than those used on our standard Openplan staircases this helps with keeping the contemporary feel the staircase is designed to achive.

The bottom step is a Square off Double sided curtail step.

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This staircase is having Glass inserts for the balustrading. (Supplied by Others).
The Oak Townsend Staircase
The shear size of the Newel posts instantly let you know that this staircase is in a different class to a normal staircase.
Oak Townsend Tread Detail
This picture gives you a closer look at the tread detail..
Oak Staircase - Bespoke
Underside detail
From Under the Staircase
From under the staircase you can see the true tread thickness of 40mm, these are still thick treads when you consider most standard stair treads are only 22mm thick.
Under the winder section This picture on the left shows you under the winder section of the staircase.

We assemble all our staircases in the workshop to ensure the quality of our staircases and this saves time for the fitters on site.

We have now received some photos now the stair has been installed.

The Oak townsend staricase -Bespoke - Contemporary

The Townsend Staircase

Intrested ? contact us for a quotation on 01952 608853

Townsend Landing Rails

The 150 x 150mm newel posts are a major part of the cost of this staircase but the chunky look of these set this staircase apart.

Landing Handrail Glass infill

Glass infill for Balustrade

Townsend Stairs in Oak

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Look at the Vision Balustrading on the Oak Staircase Below

oak Winder Staircase with Vision Balustrading

This is a Closed Winder Staircase with SQ Handrail and Baserail Sections and Bespoke Vision Balustrade Toughened Glass Panels the newel posts on this staircase are our Standard 90mm Section size - This staircase offers a far greater value than the Townsend Staircase

Oak staircase with Vision Toughened Glass balustrade

For our standard Glass balustrade solutuin look at the S-Vision Glass Balustrade

On this staircase the Landing Balustrade panels are Misted

Vision balustrade from Stairplan

Vision balustrade

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Oak Openplan European Style Staircase