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Openplan with the European Style Handrail system

The European handrail system offers a quality and contemporary handrail system.
This system allows us to put curves into the handrail so they can follow the strings on the staircase.

Twin riser bars are a new option on our openplan staircases.


Oak openplan staircase  

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Stairplan Ltd
Hortonwood 1


40mm Oak Treads and 40mm strings make this staircse a beauty

the sleek european style handrail with quality stainless steel balusters and twin riser safety bars ensue this staircase will draw all the right attention in your hallway.

    Twin riser safety bars      
Please ignore the distortion from the
wide angle lens.
European style handrail
Stainless steel balusters
Oak staircases with the european style handrail



The european style handrail offers you the quality required to go with
the Oak Staircases produced by Stairplan -
The UK's Leading manufacturer for Bespoke Staircases
Email your requirments for a quotation on the European Style Staircases