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Openplan Staircases Page 2

Openplan Staircases

Openplan Staircases -These are staircase with open risers.

Notes :- For Building regulations the gap between the treads must not allow a 100mm sphere to pass through.

Openplan staircases offer a more contemporary feel than closed staircases.

Oak staircase open plan european style handrail

This picture on the left is a fairly high spec
Openplan staircase in American White Oak
with Twin riser safety bars (Stainless Steel)
and our European Style handrails.

For more photos click here.

The picture below shows a Parana pine openplan staircase
with stainless steel riser safety bars
The pictue below shows a Openplan winder staircase in engineered beech
with stainless steel riser safety bars.
This staircase had the Fusion handrail system.
Straight open riser staircase           open staircase with safety bars      
Pictured below is a Parana Pine Openplan staircase with
traditional riser downstands.
This staircase has Hemlock square newel posts, Hemlock
handrail and will be fitted with Hemlock 32mm square
You can see below there is a second staircase to sit on top
of the Beech staircase above hense the large central newel post.
traditional openplan staircase           openplan winder staircases    
      open riser staircases for fusion handrail  
In the Picture below you can see a Openplan staircase in
Hardwood (Sapele).
This staircase was to have the Fusion handrail system fitted
(Dark Hardwood) you can see the newel bases are pre-fitted
to the staircase and the MMNCS Fusion newel base connectors
have been pre-fitted to the newel bases ready for easy site
hardwood staircases
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Fusion Stairparts.