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Oak Staircases

Oak staircases
The staircase below is a conventional closed string staircase with a Quarter landing and Curtail entry step.
(Craftsmans Oak Staircase)

Oak Stairs from Stairplan Staircase Manufacturers  
The Oak used in this staircase is American White Oak, The newel posts are 90mm square, the Balusters are 41mm stop chamfered,
the handrail is our standard SHR Profile and the Baserail is S-BR.
White Oak Staircase with stop chamfered balusters
This staircase has been made with our quarter landing kit detail - This detail includes the Quarter landing board and the outer string sections around the landing.
White Oak Staircases with stop chamfered stair balusters
The staircase below is a Oak Cut string staircase, this staircase has a Curtail entry step and a Volute detail on the handrail, the quarter landing section was supplied
with a landing board in the oak and studdings to support it. (This staircase was made before we offered the quarter landing kit detail shown above)
The newel posts are Turned newels.
Oak Quarter landing staircase  with metal railing
The detail on the string is a Cut and Mitred string, the Metal balustrade is Bespoke, made to suit the individual staircase.
Oak Cut String Staircases
The treads have traditional return nosings and on this staircase the treads have been recessed to take the metal balustrade.
Oak Cut stringer stair with bespoke metal balustrade
The staircase below has a Double sided double depth curtail bottom step and a double sided curtail second step, both in Oak
the main run of the staircase is going to be carpeted so these treads and risers are in standard material, The other parts you will see
(Strings , handrails , baserails and newel posts) are in Oak

Oak straight staircases

Oak Winder Staircase with the Vision Glass Balustrading

Oak Staircase with toughened Glass Vision balustrading

SQ Oak Handrail and baserail Sections - Vision Balustrade also look at our Standard Glass balustrading Solution S-Vision

We have a new facility for you to cost your glass balustrade panels online phone 01952 608853 to find out more


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Order White Oak Stairparts online at GoStairs.com

Oak single winder staircase

Left - This winder staircase is going to be carpeted so the treads and risers are in standard
marerial and all the parts you will see are in Oak

The newels are 90mm Turned newel posts and the spindles are 41mm Imperial spindles.

Oak stair with the european style handrail

Oak staircases with the European style
handrail system.

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