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The Fusion Handrail system has been designed with
the DIY enthusiast in mind, the information on this page
will give you an idea of how the system works.

After drilling your newel base, attach the threaded bar
through the base into the barrel nut.

Get your newel base connector fitted
Secure the newel base connector onto the newel base
using the fixings provided. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all
newel bases.
Tighten in place - The Fusion tool kit is advised
Cut the Baserail   The Newel uprights
Put a staircase baluster
in place to check the
handrail height will be
correct before cutting
the post.
Measure and fit the baserail
(this process differs depending on whether you have a
closed or open string staircase, see full fitting
instructions for details.)
After measuring your post to the correct
length, fit and secure the posts in place.
Repeat for all newel posts.
The bottom Connector   Your top connection
Fit the handrail to the correct angle using the top
connector on the top post.
Attach the handrail using the bottom connector.
The staircase Balusters   Staircase balusters
  Providing the posts have been cut to the correct height
the balusters will not need to be cut.
Begin fitting the balusters.
Keep the spacings correct   Your landing handrail
Make sure you space the balusters correctly before you
start screwing into the timber.
Begin fitting appropriate landing balustrading.
Jos done    
Job’s done!
More Instructions and Help
> Fusion Wall Mounted Handrails