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Loft Ladders from Staircases.biz
The ADJ Loft Ladder

The ADJ Loft ladder

A unique folding stair which allows teporary access
to the upper floors or attics

Opening Size
700 x 500mm

11 Steps

2700 to 3000mm


The 4PL Loft Ladder

The 4P Loft Ladder

An access solution to attics
A 4 piece folding ladder

Opening Size

900 x 500mm

11 Steps

2700 x 3000mm


The 3PL Loft Ladder

The 3PL Loft Ladder

For those who love wood here is the ideal
solution when a folding stair is required.

The frame is made from solid Pine and the
steps are solid Beech, complete with a closing cover
in MFD.

Opening Size

1200 x 600mm

10 steps

Height 2650mm