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Fusion commercial

Richard Burbidge as now released a new range of fittings to the fusion range of staircase balustrading that as
been tested to 74kn for light commercial use.

These fittings are only available in Brushed Nickel finish and with the Oak rails.

Fusion commercial newel base connector NBCB - Newel Base Connector Fusion commercial bottom connector BCB - Bottom Connector
Fusion commercial top connector TCB - Top Connector Fusion commercial end cap ECB - End Cap
Fusion commercial landing connector LCB - Landing Connector Fusion commercial intermediate connector ICB - Intermediate Connector
Fusion commercial intermediate handrail connector

Intermediate Newel Connector


Fusion commercial intermediate landing connector ILCB -
Intermediate Landing Connector
Fusion commercial half landing connection HLB - Half Landing Connector Fusion commercial adjustable landing fitting ALB -
Adjustable Landing Connector
Fusion commercial newel tie NTB - Newel Tie Fusion commercial wall connector WCB - Wall Connector
Fusion commercial mitre connector MCB - Mitre Connector Fusion commercial horizontal turn UHTB -
Universal Horizontal Turn
Fusion commercial suspended baserail connector SBCB -
Suspended Baserail Connector
suspended baserail corner

Suspended Corner.

(Base Rail)

cbp base plate CBP - Base Plate    
Fusion commercial landing balusters

Landing Balusters

CLB10 -
Pack of 10 Landing balusters

Single Baluster and brackets

Complete with the Heavy Duty
Baluster Brackets

Fusion commercial rake balusters

Rake Balusters

CSB10 -
Pack of 10 Staircase balusters

Single baluster and brackets

Complete with the Heavy Duty
Baluster Brackets

Trade Price List October 2007 - Order online at
Fusion Commercial Brushed Nickel Fittings
BCB Bottom Connector £29.28 + VAT
TCB Top Connector £28.67 + VAT
ICB Intermediate Connector £28.95 + VAT
LCB Landing Connector £15.29 + VAT
UHTB Universal Horizontal Turn £21.42 + VAT
WCB Wall Connector £16.02 + VAT
NBCB Newel Base Connector £33.47 + VAT
MCB Mitre Connector £10.71 + VAT
ALB Adjustable Landing Connector £24.77 + VAT
ECB End Cap £15.53 + VAT
CBP Base Plate £4.02 + VAT
ILCB Intermediate Landing Connector £30.72 + VAT
NTB Newel Tie £24.11 + VAT
SCB Suspended Corner. £26.78 + VAT
SBCB Suspended Baserail Connector £29.28 + VAT
INCB Intermediate Newel Connector £29.28 + VAT
Fusion Commercial Brushed Nickel Balusters - Single Baluster prices online at
CSB10 Pack of 10 Staircase balusters Complete with the Heavy Duty Baluster Brackets £399.00 + VAT
CLB10 Pack of 10 Landing balusters Complete with the Heavy Duty Baluster Brackets £399.00 + VAT
Fusion Commercial Additional Fittings
CNP950AF Oak 54mm Newel Post Fitting £66.95 + VAT
NB400AF Oak 400mm 90 x 90mm Newel Base £40.17 + VAT
Fusion Commercial Balustrading
The Fusion Commercial Range

Fusion Commercial handrail

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