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Karina SpaceSaver Offer

Bespoke Spacesaver Staircases

Openplan Spacesaver staircase

Left - On the Beech 40 Spacesaver we also offer Openplan.

This is a Beech 40 Openplan Spacesaver with stainless steel
riser safety bars and it also has the European style handrail
on one side.

For a quotation on one of our space saver staircases we will need to know your floor to floor height and the width of the staircase,

Beech 40 Spacesaver Staircase openplan
New style handrails

Left - We now offer a
New style of handrail
on the Birch 24 and Budget Spacesaver


Right - This Beech 40 was specified to be part
closed because the upper section goes
through a wall.

Part Open
Oak 40 Spacesaver staircase Left - This is a Oak Spacesaver staircase
All the sections are as per the Beech 40 Space Saver.
compact loft Quarter Turn Spacesaver Staircase left Quarter Turn Spacesaver Staircase Quarter Turn budget Spacesaver Staircase

Quarter Landing Spacesaver Staircases - Phone 01952 608853

Video walking up a Space saving Staircase